My band is going on tour.

My band, The Party Downers are going on tour, we’re leaving this Wednesday, May 28th at the crack of dawn. Our first show is going to be in Tulsa Oklahoma at The Mercury Lounge (05/28) with Frontside Five and we are PSYCHED! Grant told me that some local rippers got wind of our show and will be staging an impromptu skate-jam in the club’s parking lot. My mind is blown, if this actually goes down, pardon my use of the E word but its going to be epic. After that we’ll all be heading to Texas, where we’ll be playing at The Red Blood Club (05/29) in Dallas. It is at this point that things get kicked up a notch, one radical notch because we will be joined by none other than, skaterock legends, McRad. From there we head to Austin to play at The Broken Neck Warehouse (05/30). After that its on to Houston to play an after party for the grand opening of The Jamail Skatepark in Houston, the party is going to be at Walters on Washington (05/31)and at this show things are going to get kicked up yet another incredible notch because we will be joined by Houston skaterock heavies Bark Hard, featuring former Zorlac pro Todd Prince. From there we’re takin’ it to Riverview Skatepark in North Little Rock, Arkansas for a session and then Nomad Skateshop is putting on a show at Vino’s (06/02). Then its back to sweet home Chicago, to take a nap.

Wednesday, May 28, Tulsa, OK, Mercury Lounge

Thursday, May 29th, Dallas, TX, Red Blood Club

Friday, May 30th, Austin, TX, Broken Neck Warehouse

Saturday, May 31st, Houston, TX, Grindline Skatepark Grand Opening After Party @ Walters on Washington!!

Monday, June 2nd, Little Rock, AR, Vino’s

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